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Eat Me-Cupcakes uses two main types of 'dough' to decorate their cupcakes.
  • Fondant: Fondants are basically edible "Play Doh" since they are made out of sugar. They are tasty as it is, and usually does not require additional flavoring. Colors are kneaded into the fondant to achieve desired colors. To avoid discoloration on your fondant decorated cupcakes, it is advised to store them away from direct sunlight. Although fondant decorations do dry hard, it is still very fragile. Do keep fondant decorations away from moisture as heat (from hands, and air will somewhat melt them). Storing fondant decorated cupcakes in the fridge are not advisable as the condensation will make the fondant 'sweat' (it will still taste the same nonetheless). It is best to store them in a covered/airtight container. But if you must store the decorated cupcakes (to keep them from spoiling) in the fridge, and you don't mind the 'sweating' fondant, by all means go ahead. :)
  • Gumpaste: Gumpastes are mainly used to make fragile decorations such as flowers and figurines. Decorations made out of gumpaste dry hard and can be kept in an airtight container for a long time. Both fondant and gumpaste does not go hand in hand with moisture. 
  • We make our own fondant and gumpaste to ensure its good quality and taste.
Toppings: We use several toppings such as chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, Oreos cookie/crumbs, coconut flakes, nuts, variety of sprinkles, and edible glitters. 

If you would like to incorporate the above toppings into your cupcakes, do let me know and I will be happy to do so for you. :)

*All decoratives from Eat Me-Cupcakes are edible unless stated otherwise.